Born in Concord, California in May of 1947, the Lundeen family moved to Midland, Michigan in 1962, where Jack’s dad followed the corporate call to Dow Chemical’s headquarters. Jack graduated from Midland High in June 1965.

In the Fall of 1965 Lundeen enrolled at Kalamazoo College, where he spent a year and a half until he was drafted in 1967. Rather than risking service as a junior Army officer in Vietnam, Lundeen opted for four years in the Navy. He was principally responsible for managing radio shacks in Rhode Island and Panama Canal Zone.

Lundeen completed college, obtaining a Bachelor in General Studies from the University of Michigan in December, 1973. He also earned a teaching certificate, which he took to Australia where he taught Australian history and the Queen’s English in the small mining town of Lithgow in New South Wales. Jack has continued teaching evening classes in local colleges.

Jack graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in 1979. He hung out his shingle in the Lake Grove district of Lake Oswego, where he has practiced for 30 plus years, with a practice focusing principally on family law.

Jack Lundeen has co-convened the Clackamas County Family Law Group for ten plus years and has been on the boards of the St. Andrew Legal Clinic, the Clackamas County Bar Association, and Family Stepping Stones. He continues to serve as President on the Board of Directors of the Senior Citizens Council of Clackamas County. He has been active in his business community, serving on the board of the Lake Grove Business Association.